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Game Developer Testimonials

Regions of Ruin “These guys, besides being true industry pros, are kind, considerate, and friendly. We’re truly pleased to have had the opportunity to have worked with people as awesome as them!” Alex Poysky (Regions of Ruin)

Star Story The Horizon Escape “Once we were very lucky to meet Epic Streamers at the moment of the release of our game. We have never met with such high a level of professionalism and positive in the environment of game streamers. They gave us a very good informational “push” for the game and helped very much for our game to become more recognizable among the enormous quantity of another indie games. We are happy to participate in all the initiatives that are organized by the EPIC streamers. Special thanks to Laceya Finley, Stephen White and MammothEU. Guys, you are the best!” EvilCoGames Team Star Story The Horizon Escape